6 things to know about getting the best wedding videographer for you
I shoot mostly fashion and portraits, but now it's time...

I shoot mostly fashion and portraits, but now it’s time to bring my asthetics to weddings. During my fashion shoots , I learned a lot about what makes videos successful and how to build a story. Let’s talk about your wedding day!

It’s not just about finding a talented person. It’s about building a relationship with someone creative and let him work with his eyes. That way he can help you tell the story of your day  in the best way possible.

Here are tips for picking the right photographer for you:

  1. Ask the videographer if you could see a moodboard. Videographer is going to put his or her best work on a site, but you can get a better feel for the continuity in their work from seeing a moodboard. If you like it, then there is no doubt that you are not on the same page.
  2. Be honest about your budget. Buying wedding video is not like buying a dress. You’re not just getting a product at the end, but rather a whole experience that helps you remember one of the most important days of your life.
  3. Look for individual. Most of the times videographer has to fit to your schedule and still think about recording, light, composition, details. If you choose a cheaper option you will probably have more problems on a wedding day.
  4. Ask people in your life if they have recommendations. Ask those who are married if they like their wedding photos and how the day went with their videographer, and why.
  5. Pick a videographer who you will most likely spend a lot of time with. Why? Because he will be very close to you for the whole day.
  6. Think what you will do with your video. Would you like your private full length video, fashion video, social media videos.